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Construction Management

We provide an accurate estimated cost of construction and conduct periodic price reviews.

We troubleshoot the design and constructability concerns throughout the project’s process.

We offer expert advice on changes to work methodology and/or materials to prevent change orders, variations and reduce expenses.

We will evaluate which delivery method is most appropriate considering the task at hand be it design & build or integrated project delivery. We will also carry out: 

  • Quality control inspections
  • Site investigations
  • Monitoring safety programmes
  • Monitoring insurance
  • Answering RFIs
  • Reviewing and approving technical submittals
  • Coordinating permits
  • Managing the budget
  • Scheduling timely payment for work completed
  • Ensuring the project is delivered as designed

Once snag lists are completed, keys and as-built drawings will be handed over to the owner. Management of the project is officially “turned over” to the owner.

We will provide close out documents such as manuals, warranties, drawings and ledgers including training the owner if required on how to use and manage their facility.

Construction of Hotels & Resorts

We successfully undertake all types of construction projects of tourist resorts and hotels.

We specialize in hospitality sector projects given our experience with working alongside leading hotel brands. We are aware of the particular deadlines and working methods required especially for renovation and repair work.

Over the past several years, we have undertaken and completed over 20 resort construction projects.

We understand the growing trends in the hotel construction industry to help accommodate the needs and versatility of future guests:

With a focus on the environment, there’s a call for buildings to be green, such that they are constructed in a way that is eco-friendly. Green techniques can range from more planning, less waste onsite, and building with less. With more exact planning, much of the waste during construction can be prevented.

Many clients are seeing the necessity to renovate their hotels to meet the needs of their patrons. With the growing green trend, renovations to accommodate this new consumer demand could help boost more traffic, and create an atmosphere that will reflect positively on the guests. 

The lobby design takes center stage as hotels continue to focus on unique layouts that capture their guest’s attention and meets the needs of their consumers. With an open floor setting, couches, coffee bars, and plugs to charge phones, lobby design has become the centerfold for hotel designers.

New construction projects for the hotel industry are designed to meet multi-functional needs, meaning that a single property can house the demands of guests, including projects that mix hospitality, workplace, entertainment, sports, and other purposes.

Road Construction

Highways, national roads and regional networks are key to a country’s development and efficiency of the population’s mobility.

Roads are essential to making a region attractive for investments.

Utilizing the most advanced material solutions and thorough technical expertise, we are confident of matching the right solution to every project.

We are able to execute earthworks formed by cut-and-fill, and the type of fill material must be considered, not only in terms of its physical properties, but on the conditions in which it is to be used, and the methods of compaction. Below the formation level, the soil is known as the subgrade. The strength of the subgrade is tested prior to earthwork beginning.

Once the subgrade has been prepared and drainage or buried services installed, our paving construction can begin. Paving can be either flexible or rigid depending on the specific needs of a project. Rigid pavements tend to have lower maintenance costs, a longer design life and higher flexural strength; but flexible pavements tend to have lower construction costs and have a higher ability to expand and contract with temperature and so do not need expansion joints.

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